Monday, September 8, 2008

Graduate Dhoni

The elegant Mahendra Singh Dhoni has earned name and fame at an early age. He is superb in cricket as well in world of commercials, too. Team India captain is a youth icon and symbol of Youngistan, to use a term from the ad world. And, of course, the prince of Ranchi has millions of rupees in his account now. But the 27-year-old now wants to be a graduate, too. Why? The team's hectic schedule has only a short break (because of the postponement of the ICC Champions Trophy) but Dhoni seems to be determined to secure his graduate degree. Cricket's scholar is keen to have degree in commerce. In fact, he eventually wants to get a Master's in Business Administration. But, the question remains: Why? Dhoni has been facing a problem getting admission in college. But, he didn't lose hope. And, after all, he got admission in Ranchi's prestigious St. Xavier College. The University Vice-Chancellor has confirmed this news. Giving permission for taking part in examination from Chennai, the college has also shown some kindness to its most popular student. But, the question remains. Why is Dhoni so eager to complete his graduation? Well, this is something different in Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He belongs to Jharkhand, one of India's smallest and most backward States. It looks as if the skipper of Indian team has some questions to ask of himself. Though, he has seen huge success as a cricketer, he wants to be a long playing record in life. Clearly, he understands the importance of education. Perhaps, he has some sub-conscious thoughts about his educational background. As far as I am aware, Dhoni's family does not have strong educational credentials. And it appears that the feeling of becoming a graduate will be the ultimate for Dhoni. And he has the passion to realise it at any cost. Otherwise, who can think of writing examinations despite hectic cricket schedule?
Dhoni is an inveterate, as his ads suggest. Becoming graduate is also his one of the dreams. This is something, which makes him very, very special as a human and not just as a cricketer. Will Dhoni hit a six in academics, too?

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